Zodiac signs are so last year...

Find out who your Raptor sign is!

When you're at a party you're...

When you're introduced to a new person you...

In your free time you like to...

The people around you might describe you as...

Which one of these do you think best describes you?

Congratulations!!! You got...

Dug the pug.

Dug the pug 🐶

I know what you're thinking.. "Dug the pug isn't a Raptor!" And you're right -- he's not!

Unfortunately, Dug isn't cut out to play for the Raptors, and neither are you. But that's ok! Dug the pug is a pretty neat ~person~ and a professional floor licker, so that means that you likely are too!

Congratulations!!! You got...

Fred VanVleet.

Fred VanVleet

Oh Freddie V! We love Freddie V!

Although Fred normally isn't part of the starting line-up he's a crucial part of the team. He adds a creative flair to the group and loves to keep the games fair!

Some of the things that make Fred special is how keen, conscientious and resilient he is!

Congratulations!!! You got...

Kyle Lowry.

Kyle Lowry


Kyle Lowry is a fan favourite and he's always there for his teammates. He's one of the goofiest Raptors out there and always keeps his teammates smiling. It takes him a while to trust people, but once he does he's got your back!

Some great things about Lowry is that he's ambitious, self-willed, and tenacious!

Congratulations!!! You got...

Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard

The Klaw!!! ✋🏿

Kawhi is one of the newer additions to the Raps! It took the fans some time to get used to his presence but Kawhi is slowly coming out of his shell and we love him! Although he sometimes comes across as a little robotic, Kawhi is quite the jokester!

Some things that make Kawhi a great sign is that he's warm, assertive and lucky -- did you see that game 7 buzzer beater??

Congratulations!!! You got...

Pascal Siakam.

Pascal Siakam

Spicy P! 🌶

Pascal is quite possibly one the most improved players ever!!! (I'm not biased)

He's a dynamic player and also person! Some say that Pascal might even be the new Raptors golden boy. He's very personable and friendly but also takes game day very seriously!

Some things that make Pascal so spicy is that he's strong, determined, energetic and assertive!